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"Don't stop doing stuff like this, this is amazing!" - Blxssxm

"YouTube advertised this to me. Well, this is the best ad I ever seen and heard!" - Андрєйчикова

"I have around half these gorgeous cityscapes as wallpapers across my home and work environments and you somehow made them so much better!" - TomAcedias

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"I didn't stumble upon this through a Turkish guy, just random searching: I am proud both of myself and you guys, and you actually inspired me, being an admirer of this art and wanting to do it myself." - Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Icarus has hundreds of licensing features amounting to millions of streams across Youtube and social media platforms. He has over the years received support from blogs and radio stations such as Artlist, POPMUZIK, Indietronica, Eternity Network, AnalogueTrash, Eonity, Newpop, EDMS, Sora Music, Radio Nord Norge,  100FM, Talk About Pop Music and many more. Icarus music would best be described as funky indie-electro with an 80s twist and comes paired with spectacular music videos that have gone viral over forums such as Reddit. His single "Lonely Earth" was picked as the YouTuber Barış Özcan's favorite song of 2019, resulting in him going viral in Turkey through Shazam. During the past few years, Icarus music has been featured in videos by brands like FILA, Sony, BMW, West Ham United, Microsoft, and many more!


  • 1 100 000+ Spotify streams

  • 200 000+ Total Spotify listeners

  • 5000 Facebook followers

  • 2000 Youtube Subscribers

  • 1185 Twitter followers

  • 1682 Instagram Followers

  • 1000 Shazams per week

  • 50 000 Artlist downloads 


  • Gone viral on Reddit multiple times

  • Top song of 2019 for one of Turkeys biggest YouTubers

  • Millions of streams through Youtube features

  • Songwriter credits on multiple international acts

  • Featured by multiple international brands

  • Editorial Spotify placements 


Icarus is the alter ego and solo project of a Örebro based songwriter. The purpose of his self crafted mask is to ensure the focus remains on the art and not the person behind it. He blends funky indie-electro tunes with stunning videos in a short story format. Both the songs, artwork, and videos are created and produced by Icarus himself. Initially, the purpose of the project was to act as a challenging creative outlet but ultimately resulted in Icarus starting to release tracks and videos to the public. 


Imagine if Justice, Daft Punk, M83, and Miami Horror had a baby with Porter Robinson, Roosevelt, and Parcels. With his infectious pop hooks combined with grooves, talkbox, sample chops, and groovy basslines Icarus brings life to the 80s/70s and french house scene from the early 2000s. To put it simple: It's retro indie-electro with a modern twist! 

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